About Davies Pharmacy

Davies is a full-line independent pharmacy serving the Greater Canton area for over 50 years. We pride ourselves in Customer Service and are committed to the good of the community. People who choose Davies are not just customers...They are members of Davies Family.

Canton Location:

Pharmacists: Steve F, Matthew, Christy, Steve A, Tim and Nicole

PharmacyTechnicians: Cheryl, David, Amanda, Taylor, Tori (Supervisor)

Prescription Drop Off: Grace, Chrystal

Pharmacy Assistants: Kathy H, Morgan, Sara, Megan

EXP: Angela, Tricia, Beth

Front Counter: Brandy, Karen, Sam

Delivery Team: George (Supervisor), Rich, Gerry, Jeff, Jimmy, & Ben

Bookkeeper: Gene'a

Office Manager: Nancy

Home Medical Equipment Customer Service: Angie, Diana

Billing: Dierdre, Lexie, Nicole

OTC Manager: Shawn

OTC Assistants: Cheryl (Supervisor)

North Canton Location:

Pharmacist: Jeff Hale

Pharmacy Assistants: Shellie, Taylor, & Nikki

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