April - Monday 06, 2015

SPRING AND SUMMER IS A BEAUTIFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!! If you are like many of us, we love the warmth and beauty of spring and summer but suffer from allergies. Allergies symptoms keep us from enjoying the great outdoors. Davies Drugs specializes in allergy products and advice. Come on in and talk to one of our trained staff and find the remedy that best fits your needs. VISIT OUR COUPON PAGE FOR VALUABLE COUPONS.

Below are nine tips to reduce allergy suffering;

1.) Keep windows closed and use air conditioners that are well sealed and maintained with filter changes.

2.) Exercising indoors on high-pollen days can act as a natural decongestant that works for some people.

3.) Nasal irrigation with distilled saline solution can temporarily help relieve symptoms of congestion and drainage from allergies.

4.) Visiting an allergist or immunologist is one of the best ways to reduce allergy symptoms.

5.) Wash bedding at least once a week.

6.) Shower and change before bed or after extended time outdoors.

7.) If possible, keep pets outdoors. For indoor pets, make sure to wipe down their coats and paws with a damp cloth to prevent pollen from entering the home.

8.) Hire a pro to do yard work.

9.) Avoid having carpet and upholstered furniture in house as they tend to collect allergens.

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