Davies Mobility Consultants and Products

You can count on the mobility consultants at Davies to advise you on a wide range of mobility aids, from an assortment of canes and crutches to walkers and manual or transport wheelchairs.

We have an assortment of plain and fashion canes, both straight and quad canes as well as forearm crutches and canes with a built in seat. Come check out our wide variety, we are sure to have the one that will meet your needs.

We carry large array of walkers from standard walkers to four wheeled walkers with a seat and breaks, knee walkers and 3 wheeled walkers available in several colors and all the accessories to go with them.

As we age it can become increasingly more difficult to get around and walk long distances. We rent and sell wheelchairs that are lightwieght and easy to transport and your insurance company may even help you pay for it. Give us a call today and we will work with your insurance company and physician to see if you qualify for insurance coverage.

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